5 Reasons Why Pete Campbell Is Still King

The Emmy Award nominations incited much Twitter rage today, and in the midst of all the hashtags for Tatiana Maslany and Mads Mikkelsen, people seemed to have forgotten about THE Vincent Kartheiser. While Mad Men and Jon Hamm were both [unsurprisingly] nominated, Kartheiser continues to be snubbed for his brilliant performance as the incomparable Pete Campbell. But you know what? He’s still KING.

1. Still heralded as his greatest moment, ever:

2. Sure, every man may be a type and may have a type. But when this… lady of the night captured Campbell’s “type” it was everything:

3. The audio is ridiculous, but the clip never gets old:

4. Greatest. Middle-aged man. Fist fight. Ever (sure, this is really Lane Pryce’s finest hour, but still):

5. Pete + Janis Joplin = all you need in life.