Watch John Goodman Return To Roseanne in ‘The Talk’ Clip

Roseanne was a huge 90s hit. The show was the most watched television series in 1989 and remained in the top four for six of it’s nine seasons. When two of the stars return together, how could you not have a little bit of fun with a reunion?
Sara Gilbert played the youngest in the family, Darlene Conner and John Goodman played the father Dan Conner. Goodman has been doing press for his latest film Kong: Skull Island so when he stopped on the set of Gilbert’s hit show The Talk, the two basically had to do a Roseanne skit. In the above clip, Dan was watching basketball when Darlene has something to tell him in a throwback spoof that could have been taken directly from an episode of the show. No show from star of the show Roseanne Barr, but maybe on the next Goodman appearance.


‘The Talk’ airs daily on CBS and ‘Kong: Skull Island’ is in theaters now.