Watch Morgan Freeman Epicly Narrate A Random Man Crossing The Street

Morgan Freeman is known for his cool, calm voice. He’s an excellent narrator and makes the most mundane activities seem positively epic.

In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morgan Freeman shows off his sacred skill by narrating the story of a random pedestrian crossing Hollywood Blvd.

“Ah yeah. When I first saw the bald man, shirt buttoned to the top…” he says in his calming, husky voice.

“There he was, chewing something,” Freeman continues. “There he was, chewing and crossing, chewing and crossing.”

We have to say that if Bald Man Crossing The Street was a documentary that Freeman narrated, we’d probably be the first in line to see it in theaters or at least pull up on Netflix while we’re quietly drifting off to sleep.

Check out Freeman’s epic narration in the clip above. How much would you pay for Morgan Freeman to narrate your life?