Watch Our Exclusive With The Cast Of ‘Timeless’


Tonight is the third episode of ‘Timeless’, and it’s not too late to start watching what could be your favorite new addiction.


When someone named Garcia takes a state of the art time machine, a teacher named Lucy Preston (Spencer), the soldier named Wyatt Logan (Lanter) and the scientist, Rufus Carlin (Barrett) are chosen to travel back in time and try to take in the criminal without literally changing the course of time.

There have been plenty of time traveling shows, but what makes ‘Timeless’ different? We caught up with the cast and co-creator at New York Comic-con to find out. In this interview, co-creator Eric Kripke talks about how his show is more of a historical adventure rather than sci-fi, Matt Lanter discusses how the characters have much more depth, Malcolm Barrett speaks on the rarity of time traveling African Americans in shows and film, and Abigail Spencer talks about how this show feels larger than life.


Timeless Episode 3 called “Atomic City”, which they travel to the rat pack and sin city in 1962, airs tonight, October 17, 2016, at 10 PM on NBC.