Watch The Action Packed Season Finale Cliffhanger for NCIS


NCIS isn’t a show with much action or realism normally. Season 14 ended quite differently.

In the episode Gibbs (Mark Harmon), McGee (Sean Murray), and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) went to a remote area of Paraguay. The area is controlled by a group of violent rebels with Assault Rifles. The NCIS crew were on a search for a Navy Seal who disappeared while on a trip there. They found them and the rebels did not want him to leave with his family. This resulted in a helicopter rescue with more action than NCIS had ever seen before. Being the Season 14 finale they had to end it big, but what fans of the show didn’t see coming was the helicopter would have to leave some men behind, including fan favorite Gibbs. The show ends with its infamous black and white image, not knowing if Gibbs survived or not.

The show can’t go on if the main character and face from the show dies can it?


Find out if Gibbs survives when ‘NCIS’ season 15 airs on September 26, 2017.