Watch The First 8 Minutes Of Winona Ryder’s Netflix Thriller “Stranger Things”

Stranger Things, the new Netflix mystery series starring Winona Ryder, is an homage to the ’80s horror movies came before it.

The film, which has a certain level of nostalgia because it’s set in 1983, follows the story of a young boy who goes missing in a small mid-western town. Winona Ryder plays the boys mom and makes it her mission to investigate his disappearance. Basically, a whole bunch of weird stuff is going on including secret government testing, potential aliens and supernatural entities. The series is Super 8 meets E.T. meets Poltergeist, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Stranger Things is set to premeire on Friday, July 15th, but that feels like forever away. Okay, it’s only tomorrow, but we’re Netflix addicts. We want it now! For those of you who just can’t wait until tomorrow, you can watch the first eight minutes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

In the first eight minutes, you’ll become acquainted with the group of boys who are the series’ protagonists and the monster that’s set to wreak havoc across the small mid-western town.

How much does this preview pump you up? We almost shouldn’t have watched it because waiting to see the rest hurts more than it did before.