Watch The Trailer For Season 2 of ‘Secrets & Lies’


‘Secrets & Lies’ returns this Fall with a new cast, new story, and one actress returning.

The first season of ABC’s ‘Secrets & Lies’ was based off a murder case when a man (Ryan Phillippe) finds the body of a young boy and becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) was on the case, and she is back for season 2.

Season 2 starts with what looks like a suicide. Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster) falls from an apparent suicide from a 12 story building. Husband Eric (Michael Ealy) is distraught when he discovers the body. Cornell discovers that this wasn’t a suicide and Eric needs to be careful on who he trusts.


Secrets & Lies returns this Sundays at 9 PM this Fall on ABC

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