Watch Two New Promos For Fox’s New Game Shows

It’s summer and that means it’s time for most scripted shows to either get chopped or go on hiatus until Fall, and it’s game show season. Fox has one old show making a comeback, and one new one based on an app most of us have on our phone.


Have you ever been out somewhere and heard a song and fell in love with it, but couldn’t think of the name of the song? If that’s you, you need Shazam. Shazam listens to the song and finds out the details of it. Also, you would not be very good at this first game show. Hosted by the one and only Jamie Foxx is ‘Beat Shazam’. Contestants think they know music, so they will have to compete against the popular app to find out who can figure out the song first. It’s man versus machine.


The second show is a classic that has made its return. If you’ve ever seen a clip from an old dating show there’s a pretty decent chance it came from ‘Love Connection’. The original lasted from 1983 till 1994 for over 2,200 shows, and it’s about time it made a comeback. In the original, couples would go out on a blind date, and then afterward the contestants would come back and talk to the show hosts, then the audiences would choose if they go out on a second date.

This one has a twist. Three dates and both of them talk about it. The contestant chooses their favorite, and then the audience chooses their favorite. If they are the same, awesome, a love connection. If the pick is different, the contestant can either stay with their gut feeling, or go with the audience date, and add an extra 10 thousand in their pocket. Rough choice sometimes. Hosting it all will be the gossip king, Andy Cohen


Both new shows start up Thursday, May 25, 2017, with ‘Love Connection at 8 PM ET and ‘Beat Shazam’ after that at 9 ET on FOX.