We’re Throwing in the Towel on ‘Misfits’

Misfits, Series 5Channel4

When E4’s Misfits premiered in 2009, it was an amazing show. The premise was cool: a lightning storm in England gave a bunch of people super powers. The cast was fantastic: Robert Sheehan, Iwan Rheon, Antonia Thomas, Lauren Socha, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. And the humor was on point — Sheehan and Socha were hilarious. Misfits was the perfect mix of hilarious teen high jinks with people dying all over the place. (There was even a running joke about how often the gang had to bury bodies.) 

However, now in its fifth season, Misfits has lost a lot of its magic, as well as the entirety of its original cast. Sheehan left after the second season, Rheon and Thomas after season three, and Socha and Stewart-Jarrett by the end of season four. As each original cast member left Misfits, the fans began to lose interest in the show, us included. New characters have been introduced — Rudy (Joseph Gilgun), Finn (Nathan McMullen), and Jess (Karla Crome) — but the show just isn’t the same.

Sure, Rudy’s vile jokes are similar to Nathan’s humor (though still not as funny) and Finn is arguably as weird and awkward as Simon once was (remember when Simon only had Internet friends?) But, unfortunately, the new cast doesn’t hold a candle to the original gang.

After the departure of Stewart-Jarrett, the last remaining original cast member, we don’t see the point of sticking it out. If everyone else has jumped ship, why shouldn’t we?