When Will Dr. Shane Ross Get His?

Greys Anatomy, Gaius CharlesABC

When Grey’s Anatomy premiered, the steamy relationship between then-intern Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and superstud surgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) hooked the audience. It was wrong and hot and captivating. Since then, interns have been fodder for the elder docs, some resulting in relationships while others became regretful one-night stands.

The new batch of interns (now they’re residents) has gotten plenty busy. Except for one. The timid Dr. Shane Ross (Gaius Charles) has missed out on the all the sexy fun that happens in the on-call room.

His time could come soon. Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) wields the power in this potential horizontal dance. She’s on the prowl now that her marriage to Dr. Owen Hunt is finished. Ross confessed his interest earlier this season, but the dude is too shy. It was a half-hearted pass.

Yang took the first step by planting a big kiss on Ross after the resident defended her in an argument with Grey. A kiss is just a kiss. Will Ross step up and continue the Grey’s Anatomy tradition?

So far, the other youngsters have gotten theirs. Dr. Jo Wilson is with Dr. Alex Karev. Dr. Stephanie Edwards and Dr. Jackson Avery are an item. Hell, Dr. Leah Murphy got with two doctors: Karev and Arizona Robbins.

Ross needs to get into the game. It won’t happen till Yang continues the pursuit. Watching Ross kick game is like witnessing an inexperienced seventh grader talk up a high schooler. But Yang is in need.

The hookup could happen in the next episode. Or maybe not at all. We need to pull for Ross — every doctor needs some lovin’.