Which Popular TV Shows Shed The Most Blood?

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, then you’re certainly used to a ton of gruesome deaths on your television screen. These TV shows along with some other classics have no qualms about killing off some of our most beloved characters. The folks over a Latest Casino Bonuses analyzed some of the most popular television shows in order to determine which popular TV shows shed the most blood.


While Game of Thrones and American Horror Story have had the most deaths on screen, surprisingly, the most likely cause of death for characters on AHS is a gunshot wound and not something more sinister and supernatural. 


If you think about the climate of gun culture in America today, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that the most likely cause of death for any character on a TV show is shooting, followed by stab wounds and explosions.

Gender also plays a role in how characters meet their ends in shows. Men are more likely to die by strangulation, drowning, or an explosion; women are more likely to die by burning, impact, or old age.


**SPOILER ALERT ** You can see how you would die on a TV show as well.

Check out the entire project for yourself here.

We’d probably get shot in the heart by an arrow like Ygritte on Game Of Thrones.