‘Who Gets The Last Laugh’ Sneak Peek: Trapped in Parking Lot Purgatory — EXCLUSIVE

Credit: TBS/Danny Feld

There is almost nothing worse than paying for parking. But when TBS’s new hidden camera comedy series gets involved, the already horrific scenario becomes a complete and total nightmare. Get ready to laugh and commiserate, because Hollywood.com has your exclusive sneak peek at the latest shenanigans that take place in tonight’s all new episode of Who Gets The Last Laugh?

This week’s showdown features three outrageous comedy superstars vying for the title of best prankster, and it looks like comedian Derek Miller is driving his way into the top spot. When Miller and his TBS crew take over a local parking lot, they trap unsuspecting drivers into a pavement purgatory. As if parking in L.A. wasn’t hellish enough!

Take a look at Hollywood.com’s exclusive clip below to see all the horrified, yet hilarious reactions to Miller’s parking lot takeover.

Make sure you tune in to Who Gets The Last Laugh? tonight at 10 PM on TBS to see Mitchell compete comedians Comedian Iliza Shlesinger and Tom Green for the best prank of the week.

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