7 Reasons Why You Need to Be Watching HBO’s ‘Westworld’

We’re one episode into HBO’s latest big budget series Westworld, and it’s already clear it’s a show you don’t want to miss. It’s got a stupidly good cast, crazy production value, and, perhaps most importantly, robot cowboys. Here are 7 reasons why you need to be watching Westworld on Sundays. 

1. Robot Cowboys


Does this one really need repeating? Robot. Cowboys. Robots, who are also cowboys, who are also robots. This is basic stuff, guys.

2. It’s Basically Sci-Fi Game of Thrones


Remember when everyone started watching Game of Thrones and you didn’t because it was ‘just some dumb fantasy’, but then you couldn’t get away from it and you finally gave in during season three and realized what you’d been missing that whole time? Yeah, don’t do that again.

3.Anthony Hopkins


Hannibal himself has a major role. Anthony Hopkins is amazing, most of the things he does are amazing, and Westworld is no exception. As the androids’ original designer he’s already one of the most mysterious and interesting parts of the show, and we have no doubt he’s only going to get better.

4. It’s Way Better than the Film


You might remember the slightly iffy ‘70s cult classic film the show is based on. The film was fine and had a few great visuals and ideas, but it hasn’t aged all that well. The good news is, this is a remake done right — it takes the best bits of the film, drops the weak spots, and takes it in a whole new direction.

5. It’s By a Nolan


Not Christopher, to be fair, but his brother Jonathan Nolan is in charge of the whole affair. He also ran Person of Interest, which people seemed to like. Oh, and he wrote a couple little films called The Dark Knight and Interstellar. No big deal.

6. Robot Cowboys


Again, guys. Robot cowboys. What aren’t you getting about this? Why are you still reading this and not watching the show already?

7. You Can Stream it for Free


To avoid any weak excuses about missing the premiere, HBO has put it online to stream for free. So you can go watch it right now and be all ready for episode two on Sunday. No excuses.