14 Words That Have A Very Different Meaning For ‘Supernatural’ Fans

Supernatural fans around the globe can all agree, after 11 seasons, there are a few words that have an entirely different meaning now. If you hear the word “balls” and think of a basketball or soccer ball, clearly you haven’t watched enough episodes with Bobby Singer. Your friends hear these words and think nothing of them, but us Supernatural fans can all relate.
1. Moose
Normal meaning: The largest extant species in the deer family.
Supernatural meaning: Sam Winchester
2. Brother
The CW
Normal meaning: Male sibling
Supernatural meaning: Someone you would (and have) killed for; literally the only person you can count on if you’re a Winchester, see Winchester for more details
3. Winchester
Normal meaning: Last name
Supernatural meaning: A family destined to save the world, yet generally unable to save each other in most situations
4. Pie
Normal meaning: A delicious dessert that comes in many wonderful flavors
Supernatural meaning: The greatest thing to ever exist, according to Dean Winchester
5. Angel 
Normal meaning: God’s children; a supernatural being found in various religions and mythology
Supernatural meaning: Righteous assholes with very weird family dynamics. That one guy is cool though.
6. Balls
Normal meaning: Basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball – a round-shaped object usually associated with a sport
Supernatural meaning: Shit, fuck, god dammit; Bobby Singer’s catch phrase
7. Pizza Man
Normal meaning: A glorious human that delivers your pizza
Supernatural meaning: The strange man that loves the babysitter, but keeps slapping her rear; Castiel’s teacher
8. Baby
Normal meaning: An infant
Supernatural meaning: A 1967 black Chevy Impala and if you touch or harm her, Dean Winchester will stab you in the neck.
9. Death
Normal meaning: The end of a life
Supernatural meaning: Not always lasting, especially if you’re Sam or Dean Winchester
10. Tuesday
Normal meaning: The second or third day of the week, depending on whether your week begins Sunday or Monday
Supernatural meaning: “Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too!”
11. Special Agent
The CW
Normal meaning: In the United States, this is the title for a detective or investigator for a state, county, municipal, federal or tribal government.
Supernatural meaning: Hunters here to investigate some really weird shit going on in your town. 
12. Advanced Placement
Normal meaning: AP courses in high school that offer college credit
Supernatural meaning: Kevin Tran
13. King
Normal meaning: Leader of a monarchy
Supernatural meaning: Crowley, AKA the King of Hell; see Demons for more
14. Demons
Normal meaning: Supernatural beings that appear in pop culture, lore, mythology, and your nightmares
Supernautral meaning: All of the above, yet they’re in constant competition with Angels to see who are the bigger assholes