15 Words That Mean Something Different for ‘Once Upon A Time’ Fans

When you’re a Once Upon A Time fan, some words can have an entirely different meaning. If you don’t automatically think of Regina Mills when you hear “Evil Queen,” you clearly have not seen enough episodes of the hit ABC series. These words may mean nothing to your friends but any Once Upon A Time fan can relate!

1. Cup


Normal meaning: A small container typically used for drinking beverages
OUAT meaning: When broken and chipped, it becomes the ultimate symbol for true love for Rumplestiltskin and Belle

2. Crocodile


Normal meaning: A large, semi-aquatic carnivorous reptile with a long mouth
OUAT meaning: What Hook calls Rumplestiltskin

3. Savior


Normal meaning: A person or religious figure who saves someone or something from danger
OUAT meaning: Emma Swan, who saves the lives of fairy tale characters in Storybrooke, from danger

4. Evil Queen


Normal meaning: The villainous character from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
OUAT meaning: The complex bad-ass anti-hero who (mostly) has justified reason for her terrible actions

5. Snow White


Normal meaning: The princess from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who gets rescued by Prince Charming
OUAT meaning: A bad-ass princess who does the rescuing as much as she gets rescued

6. Captain Hook


Normal meaning: The villain in Peter Pan
OUAT meaning: The complex, sexy bad boy love interest for Emma

7. Peter Pan


Normal meaning: The hero in Peter Pan who never wanted to grow up
OUAT meaning: The evil little jack-ass who never wanted to grow up; also Rumplestiltskin’s father

8. Little Red Riding Hood


Normal meaning: A little girl who faces off against a wolf
OUAT meaning: A sexy older woman named Ruby who IS a wolf

9. Granny’s


Normal meaning: A grandmother’s home
OUAT meaning: A diner where all of the fairy tale characters gather for happy times until Leroy bursts into the room saying there is danger outside

10. Heart


Normal meaning: A muscular organ that pumps blood through a human or animal body
OUAT meaning: An organ that can easily be ripped out of someone’s body with your own hand (no surgery necessary). Provides a variety of uses until it is crushed outside of one’s body, including being split in half and shared with a heartless individual or as a communication tool through one’s body

11. Cobra/Mongoose



Normal meaning: Reptile/Animal
OUAT meaning: Secret undercover operations devised by Henry Mills to save Storybrooke

12. Author


Normal meaning: A writer of stories
OUAT meaning: A God-like individual in control of everyone’s destiny. See “Happy Endings.”

13. Happy Endings


Normal meaning: A conclusion to a story where most characters are content
OUAT meaning: The ultimate goal in life that “villains” will do anything to achieve, including: forcing authors (see “Author”) to rewrite history; making sure their siblings are never born; etc.

14. Find


Normal meaning: To locate
OUAT meaning: “I will always find you.” A declaration of love that will always hit you in the feels.

15. Love


Normal meaning: A feeling of deep affection
OUAT meaning: The only answer to everything