15 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To ‘One Tree Hill’ Fans

After nine seasons, One Tree Hill fans can admit that it’s no surprise that the show left it’s mark on us all. There are just some words that when we hear them now, all we can think about its OTH. I mean, who doesn’t hear the word “nanny” and immediately think “Nanny Carrie, ugh”, am I right?

1. Father

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: Either a man that is biologically responsible for your life or a man that raised you

OTH meaning:  A man that is either not there, an asshole that killed his brother, an asshole that called you fat, or dead

2. Uncle

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: A male relative, either your mother or father’s brother by blood or marriage

OTH meaning: The guy who takes care of you when your father decides to be a total douche (or gets kidnapped by the mafia)

3. Always


Normal meaning: At all times; on all occasions

OTH meaning: Haley’s way of confirming her love for Nathan. See: Forever

4. Forever


Normal meaning: For all future times

OTH meaning: Nathan’s response to Haley; guaranteed to always choke you up. See: Always

5. Tutor

The CW/TUmblr

Normal meaning: A person who helps out a student struggling in a school subject

OTH meaning: Tutor girl, A.K.A. Haley James

6. Time Capsule

The CW

Normal meaning: An object in which people place items of significance or memory into a capsule, with the intent to open it at a much later date

OTH meaning: Something that should have never been opened, god damn you Rachel

7. Nanny

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: A care provider for children

OTH meaning: A psychotic woman who will try to steal your husband AND your children; or a grandmother who doesn’t know how to act her age

8. Mouth

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: A mouth; lips, teeth, tongue – that thing on your face

OTH meaning: Marvin McFadden, his mouth was apparently big so Nathan Scott punched him in it

9. Door

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: The point of entry to a room

OTH meaning: “He’s on the door, Peyton… He’s on the DAMN DOOR under ME!” A way to claim men in your friend group, even if Peyton will break the rules

10. Derek

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: It’s just a name, if a bit common

OTH meaning: Psycho-stalker that will attack you and your estranged best friend on prom night, after having previously stalked you and pretended to be your long-lost brother

11. Wedding

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: A time for merriment, the celebration of two people coming together in matrimony

OTH meaning: Dramatic events where people get left at the alter, kidnapped, drive off of bridges, or invite their friend’s exes and forget to mention it

12. Baptism

Normal meaning: A Christian sacrament of admission and adoption into the religion

OTH meaning: Dan Scott’s way to telling Clay to man the fuck up

13. High Five


Normal meaning: A sign of congrats; two people slapping their hands together

OTH meaning: “Have you ever high fived Julian?”

14. Comet

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: A celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust and, when near the sun, a “tail” of gas and dust particles pointing away from the sun

OTH meaning: Peyton’s awesome car; what she used to express her love for Lucas

15. Home

The CW/Tumblr

Normal meaning: Where you grew up; your house

OTH meaning: Tree Hill…”There’s only one Tree Hill and it’s your home.”