Yahoo’s New Original TV Shows Includes John Stamos Talking About Sex

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New TV series are coming out of every nook and cranny in the observable world nowadays. Amazon got it on the trend, while Netflix has been working fast on its own line of original content, becoming more popular than most cable networks (including HBO) in the process. Now, Yahoo is getting into the programming game with six new shows. Not to mention the back seats of taxi cabs. Where does it end? And do we even want it to? Taking a look at Yahoo’s forthcoming slate, we’re not quite sure where we stand.

Among the likes of Yahoo’s six new prospects, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, are two cooking programs, a style piece, and a sex talk show with a Full House alum… so you know, all the basics. Check out the list below:

Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos
A talk series that has Full House and Glee star John Stamos interviewing celebrities about their “first times.”

Tiny Commando
A high-concept comedy featuring The Office and The Hangover star Ed Helms as a four-inch-tall private investigator, working alongside Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Zachary Levi (Chuck) to solve big crimes. Sounds kind of familiar…

Cinema & Spice
A combination cooking show and film discussion, delivered by contributor Julianna Strickland and Natasha Feldman.

Grill Girls
Another cooking show, featuring Chef Megan Mitchell.

We Need Help
A comedic series centered on actresses and friends Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris and their beleaguered joint assistant.

Fashion Recipe
Stylist Brett Alan Nelson monopolizes on the opportunities in various articles of clothing.

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