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Music News
Rapper’s Deluxe: How Hip-Hop Made the World–An Exclusive Interview with the Book’s Author
Natalee Gilbert
Twelve Spider-Man Villains (Besides Madame Web) Who Deserve Their Own Movies
Tom Chapman
Weekend Movie Releases
What To Watch This Weekend
Ben Ahrens
Scary Movies In Theaters Now
Ben Ahrens
EXPLAINER: Real Life Invisibility Cloaking, How Does It Work? It’s Closer to Reality Than Ever Before
Lloyd Coombes
Social Media
Commentary: A Few Words About Taylor Swift Making Grown NFL Fans Cry and Whine
Dan Buffa
Five Things About Argylle You Maybe Hadn’t Thought About Yet
Berry Anderson
Movies In Theaters Now
Bob Santanello
Rom-Coms In Theaters
William Light
What if STAR WARS gets a WHAT IF … ?
Tom Chapman
Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color: Toho’s Original Black-and-White Monster Movies Staff
JURASSIC WORLD 4 CONFIRMED (Can We Please Leave Dinosaur Soldiers Alone?)
Tom Chapman
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