Sarah Michelle Gellar Calls Robin Williams 'The Father I Had Always Dreamed Of Having'

The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar
By: Shannon Houston Aug 12, 2014
Fans the world over and all of Hollywood is in mourning today—and shall be for some time—over the shocking loss of Robin Williams. Yesterday Sarah Michelle...

Celebrity Friends, Costars, and Colleagues React to Robin Williams' Death on Twitter

Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society
By: Hollywood.com Staff Aug 12, 2014
As ardently as we fans might have loved Robin Williams, it appears that his colleagues, costars, and friends adored him a dozen times over. In the wake of the...

Did We Know the Real Robin Williams?

Robin Williams
By: Michael Arbeiter Aug 12, 2014
I was humming a tune from Robert Altman's Popeye, a terribly underrated feat of Robin Williams' comedy (and his first cinematic role), when I read the news of the...

'What If' Star Zoe Kazan Says We Need More Women Of Color In TV And Film

What If, Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan
By: Shannon Houston Aug 10, 2014
Zoe Kazan stars alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the new romantic comedy What If, and critics everywhere—including our own Michael Arbeiter—are applauding Michael...

Four Things Megan Fox's Bizarre Instagram Bio Taught Us

Megan Fox
By: Shannon Houston Aug 10, 2014
While we're thrilled that Megan Fox has joined the world of Instagram, we find her bio... a bit odd, though perhaps in all of the right ways. Of all the ways we've...

Dog Lovers Will Be Fuming Over 'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Latest Stunt

Jenelle Evans
By: Shannon Houston Aug 08, 2014
Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and its various spin-off specials are not new to controversies, and people the world over have found themselves raging at the young women on...

17 Reasons Anna Kendrick Would Make An Awesome Girlfriend

Anna Kendrick, 50/50
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Aug 07, 2014
Anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect loves Anna Kendrick and her dry sense of humor. She is easily earning the title of #1 Girl Crush, but she shouldn't just be...