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Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers Inherits $100 million From Late Mom

Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa has reportedly received more than $100 million (£62.5 million) from her late mum's estate.
By: | Oct 23, 2014

23 Signs You Were Really Into The Twilight Saga

"Yeah I liked Twilight...wait who are you telling that to?!" - You, all the time.
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Oct 23, 2014
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Pleads Not Guilty

The MTV reality star has pleaded not guilty to tax fraud charges in a New Jersey court.
By: | Oct 23, 2014

Prepare for Halloween With The Ultimate "Saw" Giveaway

Celebrate the 10 year anniversary of "Saw" with these incredible prizes.
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Oct 23, 2014
Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Comments On Selena Gomez Dating Rumor

Rumors are swirling, so what does the actor have to say?
By: | Oct 23, 2014
Kat Von D

Kat Von D's Tattoo Parlor Goes Up In Flames

The famous tattoo parlor in West Hollywood has sustained serious damage.
By: | Oct 23, 2014
Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project

15 Relationship Truths We Learned From Mindy Lahiri

She nabbed Danny Castellano, so she must be doing something right!
By: Andrea Tuccillo | Oct 23, 2014
Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany

Which "Orphan Black" Clone Should You Be For Halloween?

Find out which clone costume best suits your personality.
By: Andrea Tuccillo | Oct 23, 2014
Rupert Grint

Homesick Rupert Grint Buys Pet Tortoise

The actor has cured his homesickness during his time in New York City by buying a new pet.
By: | Oct 23, 2014
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Wins Compassion Award From ASPCA

The actress was honored by officials at their inaugural Compassion Awards ceremony.
By: | Oct 23, 2014
Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is New Face of L'Oreal

The actress has proved she is worth it.
By: | Oct 23, 2014
One Direction, Louis Tomlinson

One Direction's New Music Video Stars a Chimp

The boyband indulged in some monkey business in their new promo.
By: | Oct 23, 2014
George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney to Host Second Wedding Party

The newlyweds will host a second wedding celebration in England this weekend.
By: | Oct 23, 2014