15 Celebrities Who Were Super Sweet With Their Fans

Taylor Swift
By: Kayla Hernandez Jan 23, 2015
Celebrities can either be notoriously rude/standoffish or exceedingly generous to their devoted fans. On one hand we don't blame them, because some fans can do creepy...

16 Of Jim Gaffigan's Most Hilarious Tweets

Jim Gaffigan
By: Kayla Hernandez Jan 22, 2015
On Twitter, it can be hard to decide which accounts to follow and which ones are best left unfollowed. Luckily, with hilarious people such as Jim Gaffigan sending out...

Karen Gillan Q&A

Karen Gillan Q&A Magic City Comic Con 2
By: Hollywood.com Staff Jan 21, 2015
Karen Gillan has had quite an incredible young career.  In 2014 she starred in her first feature full-length film Oculus, her first Television comedy Selfie, and...

21 GIFs Proving Dave Is Hotter Than James Franco

Dave Franco, James Franco
By: Cory Mahoney Jan 21, 2015
We've often wondered if our preference for the younger of the Franco brothers stemmed something deeper -- perhaps from being a younger sibling, perhaps an aversion to...

13 Mindy Kaling Tweets That Will Make You Love Her

Mindy Kaling
By: Mary Oates Jan 14, 2015
In addition to being a hilarious actress and writer, as well as a style icon, Mindy Kaling is also a Twitter queen. The Mindy Project star is a master of the social...

Top 10 JT and Jimmy Fallon BFF Moments

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon
By: Kayla Hernandez Jan 14, 2015
If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the queens of comedy, JT & Jimmy are the kings. With onscreen chemistry, a long-term bromance and the mutual trait of not caring...

20 Ways To Live Life As Fabulously As Betty White

Betty White
By: Cory Mahoney Jan 13, 2015
Last week, Betty White won Favorite TV Icon at the People's Choice Awards. As if she needed an award to tell her that the whole world worships her. After this...