Ice-T Voicing Popular Cartoon Characters Will Make Your Day

Jimmy Fallon, Ice T, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 26, 2015
Most of us know Ice-T as the famous rapper who sang "Colors" and Det. Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Vicitims Unit, but did you know he's also done...

12 Reasons That Prove Madonna's Still Got It

Madonna, Grammys 2015
By: Andrea Tuccillo Feb 24, 2015
Madonna is ageless. We know this. But apparently not everyone does. Claims surfaced recently that BBC Radio 1 had banned Madonna’s new single because they deemed...

Christina Aguilera Did A Britney Spears Impression and It's Spot On

Christina Aguilera
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 24, 2015
Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy brought back his sketch "Wheel of Musical Impressions" and his guest, Christina Aguilera, absolutely...

Jimmy Kimmel Aligns The Stars For a Perfect 10th Annual "After The Oscars Special"

Jimmy Kimmel
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Feb 23, 2015
For the last 10 years, if you've been able to stay awake after the Academy Awards telecast ended (late, as always), Jimmy Kimmel Live! has had an "After The Oscars...

8 Ways Kanye Acts Like A Super Villain

Kanye West
By: Nicole Weaver Feb 20, 2015
If you sit back and think about it, Kanye West really does act like a super villain. This isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes his efforts are meant for good, but it...