17 Reasons You Should Know and Love Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 14, 2014
Do you know who Aziz Ansari is? If not, let us introduce you! Aziz is one of the stars of the NBC hit Parks and Recreation. But that's not all he is. Aziz is an...

The Worst New Show on TV and Other Highlights

By: Hollywood.com Staff Oct 03, 2014
Here are this week's highlights from VH1, Celebuzz, Flavorwire, and Hollywood.com. What not to watchEvery fall season, we're bound to get a few particularly foul...

Which Artist Has The Biggest Social Following?

Katy Perry
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Oct 02, 2014
Are you part of an artists' fanbase? If so, you probably think your fanbase is the best. Right? Right. How well does your celebrity idol stack up against other...

Which Actors Just Love Working Together Over and Over Again?

How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days
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You’d be surprised to find out how many actors work together multiple times. There are so many people in Hollywood and even more trying to break onto the scene, but...

27 One Direction GIFs To Hold You Over Until The New Album Is Here

One Direction
By: Ana Luisa Suarez Sep 30, 2014
One Direction's new album Four comes out November 17th. They just released the first offical song from the album, "Steal My Girl," but that's not enough. November is...