Jesse Metcalfe to Get Record Deal?

Jesse Metcalfe
By: WENN.com Sep 05, 2006
Hollywood heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe's dreams of a rock career came one step closer to coming true after he recorded four demos during a trip to the U.K. The...

Jessica Simpson's VMA Haul Under Scrutiny

Jessica Simpson
By: WENN.com Sep 05, 2006
Jessica Simpson's huge freebie haul at last week's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) has been called into question after promises to donate most to a charity have so...

Marlon Brando's Son Sold Celebrity Contacts

"The Godfather" Movie Still: Marlon Brando
By: WENN.com Sep 05, 2006
Marlon Brando's son Christian allegedly sold his late father's address book of celebrity contact details to a mystery buyer. PageSix.com reports the buyer then...

Andy Roddick Denies Maria Sharapova Romance

2005 ESPY Awards: Andy Roddick
By: WENN.com Sep 04, 2006
Tennis ace Andy Roddick has slammed reports he's dating Maria Sharapova, insisting they are simply tour buddies. The sports star, 24, who previously dated pop...

Jude Law Still Angry Over Chris Rock Attack

Jude Law at the Closer premiere
By: WENN.com Sep 04, 2006
British actor Jude Law is still seething over his Oscar-night embarrassment last year--when host Chris Rock made fun of the prolific star's relentless screen...

Kim Basinger Facing Contempt of Court

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin
By: WENN.com Sep 03, 2006
Kim Basinger is being hauled back into court to face possible charges of contempt for allegedly violating ex-husband Alec Baldwin's visitation rights. The...

Mel Gibson Apologizes to Arresting Officers

Mel Gibson at the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere
By: WENN.com Sep 03, 2006
Disgraced Hollywood star Mel Gibson has finally said sorry to the three police officers he insulted when arrested for drunk driving two months ago...