2015 Super Bowl Movie Preview

2015 Super Bowl Commercials Roundup

See the Ads before the big game
By: Staff | Jan 30, 2015
50 Shades of Grey Movie Poster

Which Role Would You Play In 50 Shades Of Grey?

Are you submissive like Ana Steele or dominant like Christian Grey?
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 29, 2015
Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson

14 Wedding Films to Watch With Your Bridesmaids

Prepare for the big day with lots of laughs!
By: Kayla Hernandez | Jan 27, 2015
The Notebook

10 Signs Your Life Is Like A Nicholas Sparks Adaptation

Is your love life worthy of the big screen?
By: Nicole Weaver | Jan 27, 2015
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Which Harry Potter Character Is Your Soul Mate?

Fingers crossed that The Chosen One is our soul mate. Find out who is yours!
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 27, 2015
Black or White, Kevin Costner, Jillian Estell

See The Film 'Black Or White' and Enter Our Giveaway!

Enter now for the chance to win gift cards and branded merchandise.
By: Ana Luisa Suarez | Jan 26, 2015
Captain America

Which Superhero Are You?

Which superpower would you have?
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 26, 2015
Meet the Parents, Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller

15 Movies to Watch When You're Homesick

These films will fill the void left by your own dysfunctional family.
By: Kayla Hernandez | Jan 22, 2015
Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl, Rachel McAdams Mean Girls,

Who is The Ultimate High School Queen Bee?

It's time to decide once and for all which leading lady is the Ultimate Queen Bee! Upvote your favorite character and see who reigns supreme!
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 22, 2015
Beauty and the Beast

What Is Your Disney Personality Type?

Find out which disney character most closely matches your personality type! Are you Cinderella or Aladdin? Maybe Peter Pan?
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 20, 2015

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