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Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson

14 Wedding Films to Watch With Your Bridesmaids

Prepare for the big day with lots of laughs!
By: Kayla Hernandez | Jan 27, 2015
Gigli, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck

The 15 Best Movies to Hate-Watch

These movies are so bad, they're good.
By: Andrea Tuccillo | Jan 27, 2015
American Sniper, Bradley Cooper

American Sniper Picks Off Rivals at U.K. Box Office

The Oscar-nominated drama has leapfrogged action blockbuster Taken 3 to sit at the top of the U.K. box office chart.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Signs Las Vegas Residency

The Scottish DJ has signed up for a three-year Las Vegas residency!
By: | Jan 27, 2015
The Notebook

10 Signs Your Life Is Like A Nicholas Sparks Adaptation

Is your love life worthy of the big screen?
By: Nicole Weaver | Jan 27, 2015
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Which Harry Potter Character Is Your Soul Mate?

Fingers crossed that The Chosen One is our soul mate. Find out who is yours!
By: PlayBuzz | Jan 27, 2015

Madonna: 'Morphine high is a wonderful feeling'

She gushed about "the best experience" she's ever had.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong: 'I'd cheat again'

Even though he insisted he was ashamed of his behavior in the past.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara: 'My wedding to Joe Manganiello will be massive'

Vergara opened up about wedding and baby plans.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Travis Barker

Travis Barker Wants Tom DeLonge to Take Responsibility for Split

The Blink-182 drummer is convinced Tom Delonge disputed the band's official statement on his exit because he cannot admit to fans he no longer cares about the group.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Blink-182

Mark Hoppus: 'Tom DeLonge's departure is a relief'

Hoppus spoke to Rolling Stone about how the band has been bending over backwards for years to satisfy DeLonge.
By: | Jan 27, 2015
Chris Brown

Chris Brown Postpones Tour

The singer has postponed his upcoming tour after his probation was revoked by a judge earlier this month.
By: | Jan 26, 2015
Phillip Phillips

Idol Bosses Vow to Fight Phillip Phillips Over Contract Dispute

We're curious to see how this ends.
By: | Jan 26, 2015