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Justin Timberlake, Lynn Harless

The Very Best Moms of Our Favorite Celebrities

The inspirational moms behind your favorite celebrities.
By: Christian Cintron | Apr 17, 2014
Agents of SHIELD

Did 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Finally Earn Its Season 2 Pickup?

Did the Marvel series finally get good enough to warrant another year?
By: Rosie Narasaki | Apr 17, 2014

Was 6 Episodes Enough for This Season of 'Suits'?

Should USA have tailored it longer or made it even shorter?
By: Michael Griffin | Apr 17, 2014
Robin Williams, Mrs. Doubtfire

A Sequel to 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Just Doesn't Make Any Sense

Dressing up as an old Scottish woman is a one-time deal.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 17, 2014

The Best Use of Drag in Movies

A brief history of drag on the silver screen.
By: Christian Cintron | Apr 17, 2014
Jon Hamm, Mad Men

12 TV Characters We’d Love to Grab a Drink With

Don Draper, obviously, but a couple others as well.
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 17, 2014
The Challenge: Free Agents

Will MTV’s 'The Challenge: Free Agents' Be More Interesting Without Teams?

Everyone has to fend for themselves, and cause drama of course.
By: Molly Freeman | Apr 17, 2014
If I Stay, trailer

Chloe Moretz Shouldn't Be in a YA Movie

The first trailer for the film raises an important question.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 16, 2014
Gambit, X-Men, Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum to Play Gambit: Upgrade or Downgrade?

The answer should be obvious.
By: Jordan Smith | Apr 16, 2014
Leonardo Dicaprio, Critters 3

12 Forgotten Roles Stars Played as Kids

We remember Lindsay Lohan as a kid, but do you remember these?
By: Brendon McCullin | Apr 16, 2014
Happy Endings

Is ABC Axing Its Shows Too Quickly?

The network seems most impatient with its sitcoms.
By: Michael Griffin | Apr 16, 2014

Review: 'Transcendence' Is Exciting and Engaging, If Ultimately a Little Unsatisfying

Johnny Depp's latest film is more about the experience than the conclusion.
By: Julia Emmanuele | Apr 16, 2014