‘Conan’ Preview And Liveblog

Conan O'BrienConan O’Brien’s new show premieres tonight on TBS at 11 p.m. (check back tonight for our live blog!) and we are psyched. Here’s why.

The Return of Experimental Comedy on Late Night

A.K.A. “The Masturbating Bear.” Conan’s a master of playing with alternative and weird ideas on his show. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, but the fact that he is never afraid to take a risk is something that’s needed in the late night comedy world.

The Weird Twitching

Who doesn’t love watching Coco stretch his collar while stretching his giraffe-length neck out the other direction, all while making odd oofs and grunts? Nothing beats awkward like being more awkward.

A Talk Show Host We Want To Hang Out With

Everyone wants to grab a beer with Conan. For some reason, he’s a man that’s infinitely likable and anytime there’s a celebrity sitting on his couch, we wish we were there to joke around with them. Leno seems like a jerk. Letterman is old. Conan is a friend for everyone.

Banter With Guests That Is Actually Funny and Clever

I’m getting sick of watching talk show hosts just laugh with their guests. Laugh, laugh, laugh. That’s it. Your guest says something funny? Don’t respond with a joke or another question, just laugh. Ha ha ha, everything is so damn funny.

He’s Not Jay Leno

Boom, roasted.

10:55: Evening, folks. Welcome to the Conan live blog. Getting ready for the triumphant return, watching the ticker in the corner of yet another Family Guy rerun, patiently awaiting the return of our auburn-haired hero. I prepped accordingly, munching on only orange foods….er, well I had the orange flavor of ramen noodles and added carrots to it. That counts, right?

11:00: OMG IT’S HERE. Last season on Conan? He got shot up by some mobsters? So that’s why he disappeared.

11:01: Don Draper sighting! Swoon.

11:05: First monologue! Will he do the string dance, will he, will he? Oh please!

11:07: Already taking jabs at TBS already? But way to work it back around to take a stab at NBC. Take that.

11:10: Those women may be terrified, but that little dance is pretty magical, Conan.

11:11: Masturbating Bear sighting! I knew he’d bring it back.

11:13: Yes, the internet did save you, but so did that amazing little internet troll/rabbit impression you just did.

11:18: Does this new set remind anyone else of Conan’s original set? Well, except for the whole ocean thing…

11:19: Oh holy crap. He can move the freaking moon.

11:21: Semi-string dance! I guess it’s fine because he’s wearing that “ex talk show host” mask. He’s only semi-Conan.

11:24: Okay, besides the fact that he rules, I’m so glad Conan’s back because his show is forcing George Lopez’s back to midnight. Sorry, Georgie, but you just can’t beat the goofy, gangly ginger.

11:28: It’s the nutcracker lady! She’s the first guest. CALLED IT.

11:28: Wait, where you going nut lady? I thought you were going to crack some nuts!

11:31: Hey! We can curse! It’s basic cable woo!

11:33: Ah, the perils of weed doctors. Thank you, Seth Rogen, for enlightening us and for your joyous fat kid laugh.

11:36: I’m pretty sure we’d only hear theories about Michel Gondry’s penis on Conan’s late night show. No boundaries, people.

11:40: Yes, Lea Michele, the moon moves. Let’s hope he moves it again. Move it, move it.

11:42: Yeah, Conan. Solving today’s issues. Go ahead. De-sexify those Glee photos, Coco.

11:46: This is probably the first time I actually feel like TBS’ slogan is truly accurate. Yeah, they’ve got re-runs of The Office and Family Guy, but Conan truly is “very funny.” Woo, it only took you guys a few years. No biggie.


11:53: Jack White kinda looks a little Johnny Depp-ish…or is that just me? Also, is it weird that I’m getting a huge kick out of watching Conan’s pompadour bounce during this jam sesh? Okay, he rocks. It’s official. This is the most triumphant return for a jilted, ginger ex-talk show host ever.

11:57: AHH. Only three more minutes? I want more Coco!

11:58: Wow, I never thought to compare Conan to Vincent Price, but now it’s all I can think of.

11:59: First show: TOTAL SUCCESS. NBC: 0, Conan: ALL OF THE POINTS.

12:01: That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks for joining our live blog, I hope you’re as stoked as we are for more Conan tomorrow night!