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The ’10’ List: Hollywood’s Weekly Buzz

[IMG:L]1. Where there’s steam, there’s a Jacuzzi… Jody ‘Babydoll’ Gibson is naming names, and we’re not surprised who’s on the Hollywood madam’s list of former clients: Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, and Gary Busey. In promotional material for her autobiography, Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam, Babydoll claims Ben spent time with a prostitute named Alyssa in a Jacuzzi. It’s all so classy. Ben hasn’t commented on the book yet but calls the tales “a complete fabrication.”

2. We’re sure Randy appreciates that… Rosie O’Donnell slammed American Idol on The View this week, accusing the talent show of being racist and “weight”-ist for cutting former contestant Frenchie Davis for her nudie pics–and keeping Antonella Barba despite hers. Rosie went on to say Frenchie was also cut because she is black and fat–and Antonella, well, isn’t. AI boss Nigel Lythgoe’s retort? That’s “utterly crazy” because judge Randy Jackson is both black and overweight.

[IMG:R]3. File this F%!#IN’ one under ludicrous… Massivetwos**ts, S**tsburgh, Connecticu*t… or was it Connectibutt? Those are Sienna Miller’s cheeky epithets for American states, and in some cases, cities. Oh, but don’t blame this nanny-bashing starlet—she can’t help herself. Sienna claims she has a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome, which causes her to blurt out all those childish things to the media. We’re sure Sienna has a neurological disorder, we just don’t think it’s Tourette’s.

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4. Mmmmm, glucose and water entree… Nicole Richie was hospitalized for dehydration while filming the new season of The Simple Life–and was reportedly given intravenous fluids for 15 minutes before being released. But doesn’t that sort of count as a mid-afternoon snack? Things must not be going well with new boy toy Joel Madden.

[IMG:L]5. It sucks to sound all money-grubby… Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl has hit out at her TV bosses for going public with her salary dispute. “I am embarrassed that this has become a public matter and disappointed that Touchstone felt it necessary to divulge private employment information,” Katie said.  But a source tells People Katherine is hurt Touchstone doesn’t value her as much as Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington. GA’s producers, meanwhile, have hit back at the star’s claims, adding, “We have a long-term contract to ensure she’ll be with the show for several years to come” (i.e., you signed, you’re screwed).

6. Tim Hardaway wants your number… Gay PR guru Howard Bragman has taken on Isaiah Washington as a client–this after Isaiah called his Grey’s Anatomy castmate T.R. Knight the ‘f’ word during an on-set fight with costar Patrick Dempsey last year, and then repeated the slur while trying to clear his name backstage at the Golden Globe Awards. Bragman must be a real bleeding heart publicist because he’s doing to the gay community what that caveman did to the Cro-Magnons when he switched to Geico.

[IMG:R]7. We always knew he was a violent creep… It wasn’t a good week for Jason Wahler, that loser all the girls swooned over on MTV’s Laguna Beach. He was sentenced to a 60-day prison sentence Tuesday after pleading no contest to a battery charge in Los Angeles. That stems from an incident in September when Jason and model Kristin DeLuca were arrested after they kicked and spat on towing officials who were trying to move their illegally parked car. Then just last Friday, Jason was arrested during a raid on underage drinkers in a North Carolina nightclub after he “resisted a public officer.”

8. First comes loves, then comes denial… Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have fueled reports they’re going public with their secret affair after photographs of the stars kissing and holding hands surfaced. Kate split with rocker hubby Chris Robinson last August amid rumors she had become close to Owen while shooting their crappy comedy You, Me and Dupree. But last August, the Butterscotch Stallion hired Hollywood heavyweight attorney Martin Singer to slap a lawsuit on anyone who suggested he was responsible for Kate‘s marriage split. Those reports were apparently just crazy talk.

[IMG:L]9. She’s not a drunk, she’s just postparty-um… “She’s convinced she’s suffering from postpartum depression and does not think she has an alcohol or drug problem,” a source tells Us Weekly. “She’s angry at her family and her manager for pressuring her to enter the program. She feels she was ambushed.” No kidding. But if Britney Spears really is suffering from postpartum depression, she needs meds to get it under control before Tom and Katie swoop in for a Scientology-style intervention.

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10. Now we’re curious about K-Fed all over again… Kevin Federline is reportedly pitching TV networks a reality TV concept surrounding his life as a single dad. That might be his best gig since he starred in Nationwide Insurance’s “Life Comes at You Fast” ad that aired during Super Bowl.

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