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‘Toy Story 4’ Teaser Introduces New Toy In Forky

So here’s the deal. I loved Toy Story.

The original film felt groundbreaking (I can’t believe it was released in 1996), 2 was only ok to me, and 3 was great, and more importantly, it felt like the best possible way to end the franchise. Young Andy has grown up and off to college, and it was time to give up the toys to someone who believed. I didn’t really need to see her story because the story was done. Sadly it’s not Andy’s story, its the Toy’s story, so the saga goes on.

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So what does the teaser tell us? Not much, it is just a teaser. ‘Toy Story 4 Announcement’ probably would have been a better title, but here we are. The toys (Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack) and more) are all holding hands while nice music plays when a new toy that is a spork with popsicle sticks for feet and felt arms yells it doesn’t belong and messes up the hand holding. Apparently, this new toy, named Forky and voiced by Tony Hale will play a big role. The official synopsis reads “Woody and Buzz embark on a quest to find Woody’s romantic interest, Bo Peep.”, so take that for what you will.

Is it necessary?


Am I going to see it?

Yeah probably.


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‘Toy Story 4’ will release in Summer 2019.

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