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‘Entourage’ Character Bio: Vince

A native of Queens, Vince is the easy-going cash cow of his entourage, always willing to help out his friends. When he stars in a hit action movie—as well as the indie “Queens Boulevard”–he heads to L.A. with his lifelong best friends Eric, Turtle and older brother, Drama, tagging along for the ride. Vince sees his profile (and his paychecks) steadily increase, especially after he stars in James Cameron’s blockbuster Aquaman, which catapults him to the top of Hollywood’s power lists. Unfortunately, Vince doesn’t much like the big-budget movies, preferring smaller, more meaningful films instead, eventually pissing off the studio head who dumps Vince on Aquaman 2. At least, Vince still has Medellin, a real passion project for the actor, to look forward to now that he and Eric have bought the script and are going to make the movie themselves. Still, it’s a risk, and Vince’s time on the A-list may be short-lived.

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