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Charlton Heston Battling Final Stages of Alzeimer’s

Movie icon Charlton Heston is lost in a world of Alzheimer’s Disease, according to close family friends.

The Ten Commandments star, 81, is reportedly in the final stages of the insidious disease, which robs sufferers of their memories–and friends fear he’ll be dead by the end of the year.

One pal tells tabloid the Globe, “He’s way beyond the point of slight memory loss and forgetfulness… He can hardly comprehend a thing anymore.

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“Chuck can barely communicate… and he can no longer carry out daily activities like eating and walking without assistance.”

Heston announced he had Alzheimer’s Disease in 2002 and has become a virtual recluse in his Beverly Hills, California, mansion ever since.

The friend adds, “His life pretty much consists of sleeping and eating… The most tragic thing is when he breaks down and cries for no reason at all. You wonder what he’s thinking about, but there’s no way of knowing. That’s unbearable to witness.”

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