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Taylor Swift Songs as Zodiac Signs

Attention, all Swifties! With the Eras tour coming to theatres for a new experience in cinema, Hollywood.com has all things Taylor Swift on the brain. She’s been breaking records and setting trends since she first entered the music scene, and she’s nowhere near stopping. Here’s our take on what Taylor Swift song you’d be based on your zodiac sign!

Are you ready for it?



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As the first sign of the zodiac, you are the spark that sets off the entire cycle. When you walk into the room, you make the whole place shimmer. Your passionate and can-do attitude is infectious. Maybe at times you can be competitive and stubborn, but that’s just part of your charm. You know what you’re worth, and don’t mind making people wait in line to bask in your presence. 


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Practical and grounded Taurus, you honor your intuition. You know what’s best for yourself, and enjoy treating yourself. Your stubborn streak can often be misinterpreted, but we know it’s just a reflection of your loyalty, devotion, and self assurance. You know when to put your foot down, and when enough is enough. And sometimes? You are never ever ever getting back together. Like ever.


Cruel Summer

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Geminis really just want to have fun! You’re curious by nature, and driven by your interests. You’re always quite the busy bee, buzzing between one thing or another. Sometimes your multifaceted nature is seen as being inconsistent, but there’s no need to shy away from that. Life can tug you in different directions so much so that you might feel like you need to split in two or hide other parts of who you are! However, remaining true to yourself is most important.



Sometimes you’re characterized by being sensitive, but it’s a reflection of your thoughtful and loyal nature. You’re all about building supportive environments, and sometimes that means you need to call out harmful behavior for what it is! Some folks are only interested in being mean, and you just don’t have time for that.



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Taylor Swift

Leos, it’s always your time to shine! You’re the only one of you, and that’s the fun of you! Even more reserved or quiet Leos have that magnetic air that is hard for others to resist. No matter where you go, you are the star and the main attraction. Sometimes sharing the stage can be difficult, but there’s no need to compete. There’s enough room for everyone to shine! 


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Taylor Swift

You categorize, analyze, and assess every situation. You called it, right as always. Whether it’s giving bomb advice or a second opinion on someone’s work, you’ve got your loved one’s backs.

Some people may try to take advantage of your supportive nature but don’t let them rain on your parade. This is why not everyone can have nice things, and you have to take back your time and efforts and save them for the real ones.


no body, no crime

Taylor Swift RED tour 2013
Taylor Swift RED tour 2013

This elegant sign is all about justice and balance, but unfortunately the world is not always fair. You won’t let up until justice is served. As a Libra, you follow your gut, pointing out injustices and inequities in the world.

You balance knowing when to break down the door and when more cunning and subtle methods are needed. Sometimes, you’re stereotyped as being indecisive—but you’re just weighing all your options!


…Ready For it?