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13 Reasons We Wanted to Be In ‘The Parent Trap’

If you’re like us, the first time you watched The Parent Trap you desperatly wished that you had a long-lost twin out there. Even if your parents were still happily married, you secretly hoped that they had forgotten about your twin sibling and you’d be reunited. Not only that, you wanted to go to Camp Walden so badly, you begged your parents every summer for 3 years in a row.

1. There is nothing cooler than finding out you’re a twin:

2. We’ve got a super mean poker face we’ve always wanted to try out:

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3. And we’ve thought up a bunch of crazy different stakes for whoever loses the game:

4. We’ve always wanted a super cool handshake like this:

5. We think we’d be pretty good at piercing someone ears:

6. We also always wanted to test out our hair-cutting skills:

7. We could have seriously bonded with Hallie about our love for Leo:

8. The insults were top-notch and we could rock with that:9. Because we’ve wanted to do this to someone we didn’t like:

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10. Camp Walden looked like the coolest place on earth:

11. Tricking our parents always sounded like a fun time:

12. We are also obsessed with eating Oreos with peanut butter:

13. We’ve always wanted to hang out with Chessy and Martin:

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