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14 Wedding Films to Watch With Your Bridesmaids

Did you recently ask eight of your closest friends to be bridesmaids at your upcoming wedding? Do you knwo that they no clue what that means? In fact, you really don’t know either, because, unlike Katherine Heigel in 27 Dresses, you haven’t been a member of 27 bridal parties. The role seems easy enough, but maybe you should all do some research to clarify what it entails. Of course, by “research” we mean watch some of the greatest wedding films around.1. Bridesmaids

This movie is the best one of the bunch for both laughs and “What Not To Do” lessons. It reminds you that spicy food is probably not best before a dress fitting, the more personal the planning, the better, and that competition amongst bridesmaids is a little silly.

2. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Maybe you’re not in love with the bride, but that doesn’t mean that your feelings of jealousy and a little sadness aren’t valid. It’s a big change to have a friend go from single to married. It makes her harder to reach and less likely to confide in you first. There’s nothing wrong with expressing that to the bride, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean she won’t need you again.

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3. Wedding Crashers

It’s okay to feel a little emotional and lonely on your friend’s big day, but don’t get so emotional and lonely that you end up going home with a jerk that played right into that. Also, watch out for your fellow females that don’t know about the bride’s womanizer cousin.

4. 27 Dresses

This mainly teaches you that even if the dress is hideous, you (unfortunately) have to deal with it. Just remember the fun memories it brings back and your friend’s happiness on the day. Also, brides should probably watch this to remember there’s a fine line between wedding themes and tackiness.

5. The Proposal

One portion of this movie that’s about bridesmaids (though, it wasn’t official since the engagement was not yet real) was when they attended the strip club together. That’s a good lesson in learning that funny moments (or just funny-looking strippers) are often better than what you expected for the bachelorette party.

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6. Rachel’s Getting Married

Just remember that this much family in one place doesn’t always mean a happy thing. You don’t have to get into it as a bridesmaid, but steering the bride away from drama and family tension will always be a welcome thing.

7. I Give it a Year

This movie teaches that your bridesmaid role can sometimes last after the wedding. Keep your friend in mind as she goes through the first year of marriage and help remind her of what her significant other has always meant to her.

8. Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway‘s and bKate Hudson’s have their ups and downs throughout this movie about two bridezillas that can’t stop competing, but in the end they are there for each other and that’s what matters. Maybe don’t let everything happen that did before this moment though, maid of honors?

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9. The Wedding Planner

This movie is less romantic when you’re on the side of the bride… it’s more frightening. Just watch out for hot wedding planners, so your bride has nothing to worry about. Ha!

10. Runaway Bride

This reminds you (in a worst scenario kind of way) how to deal with a bride who gets cold feet. Remind her of the man she’s marrying and help her not stress about the little things that may not go according to plan on the day of.

11. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Big families means big opinions, so try to stay calm and try not to get offended when family members on either side get too personal or intrusive. Often you may know their tendencies (at least the bride’s family’s), so the occasional save may be needed from your for the groom.

12. Four Weddings and a Funeral

This may not be the moral of the movie, but making sure the bride looks darn good is definitely in your line of duty. A wobbly flower crown or exposed bra straps in the photos that’ll be on several walls for the next hundred years is not going to be good thing.

13. The Wedding Singer

Embarrassing speeches are bound to happen every now and then (hey, it’s a lot of pressure!), but maybe keep them a little more toned down then this one. Liquid courage is one thing, but too much can bring up failure and family problems, which NO ONE wants to sit through.

14. Father of the Bride

This is another lesson is saving the groom, on occasion, from over protective fathers, but it’s also a lesson in reminding the bride to make this day as easy as possible for dad who’s giving away his little girl.

Watch these with your bridal party together to get a good idea of what you all should and should not do on your big day! 

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