Charlie Hunnam was ‘Bamboozled’ out of King Arthur Sword

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Actor Charlie Hunnam is feeling cheated by director Guy Ritchie after he was tricked out of stealing the Excalibur sword from the set of King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

The Sons of Anarchy star portrays the titular character in the medieval movie, based on the folklore of Britain’s King Arthur, and it was a role he had been dreaming about playing since he was a kid after becoming obsessed with filmmaker John Boorman’s 1981 release, Excalibur.

Charlie, a collector of blades, was so eager to take home a keepsake from the set of the historical project, he tried to quietly walk off with the mighty sword prop – but his plan was quickly foiled.

“It’s funny, on a film of this size, there’s a lot of absurd jobs (that) get created, and one of the jobs was the sword wrangler,” the actor recalled on Good Morning America. “There was a man whose job it was to look after the sword, who’s this lovely, old English fella.

“One day I was just casually sort of walking after shooting, and he said, ‘Charlie, where are you taking the sword?’ I said, ‘Home, naturally!'”

However, Charlie had a change of heart after learning Ritchie was planning a special gift for his leading man.

“He (the prop master) said, ‘You know what, I think you’re so great, I would actually let you take the sword, but Guy wanted to do something really nice for you and so he’s asked for a brand new sword to be made for you to present it to you on wrap (day),'” Charlie continued. “I said, ‘Ahhh, that’s so nice’, and so I gave him back the sword.”

But the action star soon discovered he had been pranked – and there was no wrap gift after all.
“Wrap (day) came and no sword arrived!” he exclaimed. “I got bamboozled…!”

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