Gwendoline Christie Wants her Own ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Movie


Star Wars actress Gwendoline Christie wants her own spin-off movie featuring her character Captain Phasma.

The Game of Thrones star has loved playing Phasma, a leading member of the First Order, the villainous organization battled by the rebels in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and follow-up The Last Jedi.

Speaking to British newspaper The Times, she said the idea of a Captain Phasma spin-off “sounds wonderful”.

Her dreams of a Phasma solo outing may be some way off though, as the 39-year-old confessed she doesn’t yet know if she’ll be back for the third film in the current Star Wars trilogy.

“In truth I don’t know,” she shared. “And that scares and upsets me because I really want to see this character explored. I’m actually very invested in the character now. And that’s genuine. That’s not just chat. It has opened up a chain of stories and events in my mind about who Phasma is.”

Over the last two Star Wars flicks, only Gwendoline’s eye has been visible to cinemagoers due to the character’s sinister silver Stormtrooper’s mask, but Gwendoline would like a scene where fans actually get to see her face.

“Obviously the narcissist in me wants people to see that it’s me, and we did discuss whether we might be able to see even half of my face,” she said. “But the decision was made that it would be more mysterious if it was just the eye. And when I took a step back I could enjoy it as an image, an extension of the mystery.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in cinemas now.