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Million $$$ Baby

A fighter-turned-trainer forms a platonic love affair with a woman in her early 30s who is determined to begin a boxing career.

Based on two short stories from the novel “Rope Burns” published by Ecco; September 5, 2000.

Begin shoot date: summer 06/07/2004

US release date:

Genres: Adaptation, Drama, Sports

US Distributors: Warner Bros

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Hilary Swank – Maggie Fitzgerald

Clint Eastwood

Morgan Freeman

Jay Baruchel – Danger Barch

Christina Cox

Anthony Mackie

Margo Martindale

Michael Pena

Director: Clint Eastwood


FX Toole – Source Material (from novel: “Rope Burns: Stories From the Corner”)

Paul Haggis – Screenplay

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