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Quentin Tarantino learned to ride a horse for African safari

The eccentric director turned to his Kill Bill star Daryl Hannah for advice on saddling up and he reveals he has since become quite proficient.

He explains, “I was watching Animal Planet and I saw that they have these horseback riding safaris… I had ridden horses before but it was just that follow-the-leader stuff… and if you’re riding (after) African game you’ve gotta be able to get out of Dodge quickly… so I started taking horseback riding lessons two times a week for the whole month leading up to going to Africa.

“I called Daryl Hannah up (because) she’s almost part-horse; she knows a lot about horses… I said, ‘If I need to learn to ride a horse really well, could you point me in the right direction?’ So she did and I learned to ride pretty darn good.

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“I was always out in front… We herded wildebeest, zebras, we got chased by elephants. It was really cool.”

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