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Commentary: A Few Words About Taylor Swift Making Grown NFL Fans Cry and Whine

I often wonder if it would be better for most NFL fans if Taylor Swift was an asshole. Instead of looking like she is having the time of her life and supporting her boyfriend, she would look disturbed and pissed off at life. Memes would beg the question, “Is Taylor unhappy?” The masses would be more cool with that, somehow.

Instead, she’s a little kid at NFL games. A little over a week ago, as her guy Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes were shutting down the Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl plans, the camera would pan to her and there would be smiles and family. Just smiles and family. Thankfully for all the single moms in the building, Jason Kelce wasn’t there or had a shirt on this time.

It’s not like she’s begging for the attention, or like Jon Hamm when the Blues were gunning for their first cup … just always there. She’s in a suite, on the field with Travis, and then tipping stadium workers $100 before leaving. What’s so awful about that, folks? I’d like to say most humans don’t have a real problem with it, perhaps outside of being annoyed by the spotlight being taken from the game.

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However, I never got the idea that Swift was stealing that attention, or even coming close. The focus was on the battle between Lamar Jackson and his defense trying to dismantle Mahomes and his juggernaut Chiefs machine. Kansas City moved on following another thrilling game that never seemed out of hand until the clock reached a handful of seconds. It wasn’t like she was everywhere.

Don’t blame her for the camera loving her, or for the world falling for a celebrity couple. It’s not fake or made up, just a boy and girl coming together under the biggest of spotlights. Fifteen-twenty years ago, this wasn’t as big of a deal. Social media wasn’t as powerful back then, and the internet didn’t move at the speed of a Wall Street market fifteen minutes before closing. It’s the current cultural temperament and hunger that breeds a social beast like this.

Also, she’s an incredibly talented singer/songwriter who revolutionized the industry, and he has a chance to win his third Super Bowl. The attention and cameras won’t be going away for at least another month, and that’s a sure thing whether or not the Chiefs win the big game. The offseason will quiet the mania down a little, so the public will be able to breathe.

While I don’t live for the sightings and Kelce/Swift news, I hate seeing people become upset over it. It’s another example of how the world loves sad and negative things over happy and hopeful things. Say it another way, but we live in a cynical and very pissed off world right now. The war overseas or the hatred that breeds on these shores keeps that fiery inferno healthy and breathing. For me, these two are a nice distraction.

Chiefs-Ravens was the first time I watched a whole football game in years, and it was one big giant distraction from the bullshit that real life keeps presenting. Hearing that Swift hugs people or tips workers large bills, man that’s the good stuff that should be savored. Would you rather be hearing about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? How about Jonathan Majors and the abusive decay of his career? Let’s dive into Crapville, and see what can make us angrier.

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No thanks. I’ll embrace Kelce and Swift’s lovebird stage. Chiefs football hasn’t been this fun in a long time, and a little romance doesn’t hurt a damn thing.

So, repeat after me.




Be better, folks. Trust me, your problem with Swift has nothing to do with the access to your football. Maybe it’s the old school romantic in me that won’t die, or maybe it’s the aging and weary soul that isn’t up for 24/7 “let’s be mad” chaos. I’m a bandwagon Chiefs fan who is enjoying the sideshow entertainment that a popular celebrity-who happens to be a great egg-brings to a sport that doesn’t deserve the goodwill.

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Yeah, old school romanticism it is. Thanks for reading, and don’t let the Monday blues get you down.



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