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ROLE CALL: Costner Back to ‘Waterworld’?

Five years ago, “Waterworld” threatened to destroy Kevin Costner’s career, what with all the negative press surrounding its budget overruns, logistical filming problems and on-set rifts. And the film reportedly did destroy Costner’s working relationship with Kevin Reynolds, the director who had previously worked with the star on “Fandango” and “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” (Remember that, after Reynolds finished shooting “Waterworld,” Costner fired him and edited the picture himself — and threw in some CGI effects to enhance his own receding hairline.)

But now that’s all water under the bridge (pardon the pun). According to Variety, Costner and Reynolds are seriously thinking about working together again and — get this — the movie they want to make takes place mostly at sea.

Reynolds and Costner would reteam for “Okracoke,” a historical drama written by “Shakespeare in Love” co-screenwriter Marc Norman. It’s the story of a disgraced British naval captain who redeems himself by hunting down the pirate Blackbeard.

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MORE MOORE: The classiest 007 is back! Roger Moore will return to the big screen playing a spy in “The Enemy,” according to Reuters. “I need to make a film occasionally, otherwise people say, ‘He must be retired,’” the 72-year-old erstwhile James Bond said.

SEAFOOD DIET: John Travolta will play the villain in “Swordfish,” a new movie by “Kalifornia” director Dominic Sena, which starts shooting in July, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

ON THE VERGE: The Reporter also notes that Faye Dunaway plans to make a movie with Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodovar. Nothing is lined up yet, but Dunaway likes the Spaniard’s way with women. “He’s one of the few directors with the sensitivity to direct actresses,” she says.

NOT SO CONGENIAL: Matt Dillon has backed out of a starring role in “Miss Congeniality,” in which he was set to play an FBI agent opposite Sandra Bullock. Variety says that Dillon was attached to the film for a mere four days, from April 11 to April 14.

SUMMER STOCK: As a warm-up to his upcoming stint on “Spin City,” Variety reports that Charlie Sheen will star in a romantic comedy “Good Advice,” which shoots this summer.

SEE YOU ON CABLE: Nick Nolte, Neve Campbell and Robin Tunney have signed to star in the low-budget comedy-drama “Investigating Sex.” Nolte will play a researcher leading a sex study, while Campbell and Tunney will play stenographers transcribing “erotically charged discussions,” according to the Reporter. One thing leads to another and, you guessed it, the researchers and the stenographers soon have more than a working relationship.

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