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Sharif: ‘Egypt faces uncertain future’

The uprising has been making headlines across the world since last week (begs24Jan11), when thousands of citizens in the African republic began taking part in daily rallies in a bid to force Mubarak out of office.

Protesters have held the leader responsible for plunging the nation into poverty during his 30 years in power.

Doctor Zhivago star Sharif, who lives in Cairo, is one of the country’s most prominent actors, but he worries many citizens are joining the demonstrations without seriously thinking about the consequences.

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The 78 year old tells The Associated Press, “They want the president to step down. This is the first thing. After that, they do not know what they want.

“I personally don’t know what they will do afterwards. Who will they bring, who will take his place, who will be in charge of the country?”

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