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Tuesday: ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’

[IMG:L]Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — 10/9c on CBS

The FCC allows an hour of women wearing as little as possible without being naked, but Sally Field’s anti-war/pro-mother acceptance speech at the Emmys was too vulgar?!

Not that I’m complaining, but it seems like somebody should be.

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Since 1995, Victoria’s Secret has held its own fashion show, at which the crème de la crème of the supermodel world strut their stuff in a strict lingerie-only dress code.

For too-obvious-to-even-mention reasons, the event has proven a ratings smash for CBS, and this year’s show doesn’t exactly try to fix what ain’t broken.

Among the scantily clad “Angels” working the catwalk tonight are Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova and Miranda Kerr, while Queen Supermodel/Project Runway star Heidi Klum and her husband Seal are slated for a duet.

Perhaps even bigger (for some viewers) than all the near-nakedness is the reunion appearance of the Spice Girls. Temper your Spice excitement, though: There will reportedly be no “If You Wanna Be My Lover” tonight.


Costas Now — 10/9c on HBO 
Bob Costas gets a very early start on his year-end sports roundup tonight, with this look at some of the year’s top stories. But never mind the show’s host; Charles Barkley and John McEnroe participate in a roundtable discussion. And as we all know by now, anything with Sir Charles, in any fashion, is guaranteed to be hilarious/controversial.

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[IMG:R]40 Dumbest Celeb Quotes Ever — 9/8c on VH1 (R)
Not sure how VH1 turned quotes into a TV special, let alone two hours’ worth–nor is it clear how many shows the network can think of that end with the word “Ever”–but, yeah, it’s hard not to indulge in such mind-numbing behaviors as occasionally tuning in to a show like this. Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson are among the 40 whose quotes are, well, quoted. Hopefully there are some less obvious quotees!

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