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Wilmington Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide

It’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases out now in theatres!

In a city as big and bountiful as Wilmington, there are so many local movie theaters near you to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth the trek across town to go to one local movie theater with reclining seats versus the one around the corner? Do I want to ball out and get drinks served at my seat, or keep it chill at an independent movie theater with drinks and unique food offerings? With 6 movie theaters within the Wilmington area, you still have multiple locations to choose from.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve given you a first-hand guide of all 6 local movie theaters in Wilmington to help you make the most of your Wilmington movie theater experience.

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Grab some movie theater popcorn and get comfy as we dive into our Wilmington movie theater guide!

Not in Wilmington? Check out all of our other local movie theater guides here. Want one for your city? Let us know on Twitter.

Ready to go to the movies?


Wilmington Movie Theaters: AMC CLASSIC Wilmington 16

If you are looking for a family friendly theater to take your kids to watch their favorite minions, pets, or crocodile, then look no further than the AMC Classic Wilmington 16 off of Cinema Drive. This theater has everything you could possibly want for your moviegoing experience. Also, they have discount tickets on Tuesdays, mobile ordering for food and drinks (quickly becoming a staple), closed/open captions, and for the adults, we give you the MacGuffins Bar.

The AMC CLASSIC Wilmington 16 is surrounded by plenty of shops and restaurants where you can make a full day out of your time in the area. Start out your day at the local Planet Fitness, then head on over to Yury’s Hair Salon for the perfect updo. Next, head over to either Bill’s Brewing Company Taproom, or Capt’n’ Bill’s Backyard Grill and Volleyball Facility for drinks before ending your day with your partner enjoying your favorite movie. When you come to the AMC CLASSIC Wilmington 16, you’ll be made to feel like you’re home!

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Take it from this Google reviewer, “Always prefer this theater over the others. Not as crowded, prices are cheaper, and the popcorn is fresh!”

AMC CLASSIC Wilmington 16

111 Cinema Dr

Wilmington, NC 28403

Wilmington Movie Theaters: Wilmington Regal MayFaire

What is more fun than movie night with your partner? Movie night with your partner at the Regal Mayfaire here in Wilmington, NC. The Regal Mayfaire has many of the usual perks that come with going to a Regal. They offer specialties from your traditional stadium seating with plush seats, to your favorite concession stand snack. 


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Unlike other Regal theaters, which have RDX and ScreenX, the Regal Mayfaire only makes use of 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D. While normally we would prefer the newer technology of ScreenX and RDX, there is something to be said about the experience of seeing your favorite films on a giant IMAX screen, especially those older films like Jaws and Avatar!


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Finally, we have the location of the Regal Mayfaire. The Regal Mayfaire is located right at the end of the iconic Mayfaire Shopping Mall, and is surrounded by every restaurant you could ever want to dine at. So, whether you’re in the mood for Japanese at Tokyo 101, the family friendly, and date ready, The Melting Pot, or just drinks before the show at Fox and Hound Grill, you’re sure to find the right spot that “hits” the spot!


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This Google reviewer says it best, “Loved this movie theater! They have so many snack and drink options. The electric reclining seats were the most comfortable I’ve ever had at a theater! Would definitely recommend and return”

Wilmington Regal MayFair

900 Town Center Drive

Wilmington, NC 28405

Wilmington Movie Theaters: The Pointe 14 – Stone Theaters

When you come to the Pointe 14 you’re coming home to one of the absolute best moviegoing experiences around. The Pointe 14 is located in South Wilmington, and is surrounded by many amazing restaurants and shops, which make it the ideal place for date/family night. The highlight of these restaurants would be Zocalo Street Food and Tequila, perfect for any date night. 


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