13 Photos Of Slasher Film Villains In Their Everyday Lives

You don’t often think about slasher film villains in their everyday lives. You picture them lurking around dark corners, chopping up a victim or two, and maybe — just maybe — plotting serial murders in some weird kind of basement covered in newspaper clippings. We definitely don’t picture Freddie Kruger or Michael Myers popping into Starbucks for their morning brew. If you think about it though, iconic horror villains must have some sort of normal life. They’ve got to eat, live somewhere, make money somehow (you know Freddie had that whole janitor thing going on).

Artist Jason Shaltz took it upon himself to imagine some of horror’s most iconic villains in everyday situations. Some would say Leatherfaceriding the subway to work or Michael Myers grabbing a bite to eat would stick out, but it seems like all these characters live in New York City, where even the strangest site is met with an aggrivated shove out of the way or is ignored all together.

You can pickup prints from the Rotten Cake Etsy shop and checkout some of the photos below.

1. Ghostface gets some massive air.

Jason Shaltz

2. Leatherface rides the subway to work.

leatherface subway
Jason Shaltz

3. Leatherface hits the library to read up on BBQ recipes.

leatherface library
Jason Shaltz

4. Leatherface does a little shopping at H&M.

leather face trying on clothes
Jason Shaltz

5. Michael Myers browses through iPads at the Apple Store.

Jason Shaltz

6. Michael Myers moonlights as the owner of a halal cart.

myers halal
Jason Shaltz

7. Michael Myers waits around in Grand Central Station.

myers grand central
Jason Shaltz

8. Michael Myers grabs a bite to eat.

myers diner
Jason Shaltz

9. Leatherface walks to work.

leather face
Jason Shaltz

10.  Freddie Kruger reads The New York Times.

Jason Shaltz

11. Freddie Kruger walks about in NYC.

freddie street
Jason Shaltz

12. Freddie Kruger enjoys a Starbucks drink.

freddie starbucks
Jason Shaltz

13. Freddie Kruger refills his metrocard.

freddie metrocard
Jason Shaltz