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A Few Good Patriotic Moments For Your Fourth

In honor of Independence Day we’ve put together a series of clips tinged with some serious patriotism — or the word America, the presence of the American flag, or an impression of a politician, but come on, we’ve got to have some fun too. Anyway, without further ado, here are some of our favorite American moments on the big and small screens.

Of Course, The President’s Speech from Independence Day

How could we kick of this Independence Day list without including the alien annihilation movie that shares its name? We couldn’t.

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The Flag Scene from The Patriot

In the heat of battle against the red coats, we find Mel Gibson, triumphantly waving the American flag as the music swells. If this scene doesn’t evoke even the small twinge of patriotism in you, you might be a robot.

President Bartlet Announces The Democratic Presidential Candidates on The West Wing

It’s the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one with great promise. It’s one of those moments in our country when hope really does spring eternal — you know, before the election is over, the real work starts and everyone gets back to complaining about the poor schmuck who gets elected.

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The “Why Does America Have The Best Government In The World” Question from Thank You For Smoking

What’s the best thing about America? The freedom to call BS on anything.

“America, F**K YEAH” from Team America: World Police

Because what’s more American Independence, Baseball, McDonald’s, porno and a little F**K YEAH? (You should probably put on headphones if you plan to listen to this. We’re guessing a song with the word f**k in it about a million times is technically NSFW.)

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“Highway To The Dangerzone” set to scenes of U.S. Navy Fighter Planes in Top Gun

Top Gun is the movie that taught me that American pride could manifest itself in fighter plane awesomeness. It also taught me that finding Tom Cruise attractive in the late 80s was just about the most patriotic thing a girl could do. If this doesn’t get you excited enough to hang a “Mission Accomplished” banner over your mantle long before your very American mission to remodel your kitchen or swimming pool is actually finished, then I can’t help you. 

Finally, There’s Nothing More American Than Ron Swanson

“No passes is selfish, one pass is American, two passes is Communist.”

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