Alex Pettyfer’s ‘Endless Love’ Remake Looks Like a Nicholas Sparks ’80s Movie

Alex Pettyfer seems to have found his niche; playing brooding teenagers with a chip on their shoulders. Their very shirtless shoulders. Now, Pettyfer is continuing his moody streak by stepping into the remake of Endless Love. The original film starred Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt as star-crossed lovers who become obsessed with each other. When their parents try to keep them apart, it results in dramatic consequences. Though the film was widely criticized and not exactly a commercial hit, it did spawn the Diana Ross and Lionel Richie song “Endless Love,” which, ironically, has become a favorite wedding anthem, and the most popular aspect of the original film. 

 Endless Love trailerMTV

Now, the film is getting the newest Hollywood treatment, though this one looks like it probably should have been left to rot in ’80s shame. The story will once again follow David Axelrod and Jade Butterfield, played by newcomer Gabriella Wilde, who are a young couple deeply infatuated with each other. Though the trailer pretty much shows the film following the same story (couple falls in love, couple’s parents keep them apart, and couple creates tragedy), it also seems to be a weird mashup of other romantic movies. David works at the hotel Jade is staying in (Dirty Dancing), the couple sneaks out and has sex in an abandoned house (The Notebook), then the two drive around on dirt roads and sit in the back of pick-up trucks (The Last Song). Instead of revamping the original story, and making it better (which wouldn’t be all that hard to do) it seems like the movie has formed into a pseudo Nicholas Sparks drama with a hint psychotic teenage angst, which is only recognizable by the unsettling music in the background…. Basically, we shouldn’t even be calling this film Endless Love, we should be calling it Hollywood Wants to Cash in on Your Romantic ’80s Nostalgia.

While the trailer is typical and cheesy, maybe we can hold out hope that this generation can at least get an awesomely tacky song out of the it. Though, even if we don’t, the film will have a naked and brooding Pettyfer, which may be one reason to check it out. Endless Love will be released on Feb. 14, 2014… Valentine’s Day, of course.