‘American Idiot’ Headed to the Big Screen?

Green DayBecause we’ve all be so excited about the stage to screen adaptation of Rock of Ages, Universal had the grand idea that they should find another Broadway show to bring to movie screens. Clearly, they chose the one other rock-inclined musical out there at the moment: Green Day’s American Idiot.

So wait, they adapted Green Day’s albums into a Broadway show and now they want to adapt that show into a movie? Sounds pretty derivative if you ask me. But it gets weirder. They want Dustin Lance Black, the guy who wrote Milk (which was a fantastic film), to write said adaptation. Yes, he worked wonders on a story that already existed, but Milk was based on a compelling, heart-wrenching true story and this film would be based off of a story whose sole purpose is to string together a few Green Day songs. It seems like a bit of overkill on a movie that by and large is going to be just a film iteration of the same thing we see onstage. Hell, they’re even looking to bring in the same director from the Broadway show, Michael Mayer.

Can you tell we’re not so stoked about this news? The truth is, not everything can be Chicago. Some things need to stay on Broadway and this is likely one of those things. The plans aren’t set in stone yet, so here’s hoping something better comes along to distract them.

Source: Vulture