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Anne Hathaway Regrets Not Asking to Keep Catwoman Costume

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Anne Hathaway gets depressed when she thinks about her sexy Catwoman costume languishing away in a warehouse.

The actress followed in Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer’s feline footsteps when she stepped into the latex catsuit for 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

"Catwoman " Movie Still: Halle Berry
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While she relished wearing the sultry costume opposite Christian Bale’s Batman, Anne was “too polite” to ask to take away any of her costume, a decision she now regrets.

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“It’s probably in a warehouse, which is depressing,” Anne told Britain’s Metro when quizzed on where her catsuit is. “I was so polite, I didn’t ask to keep anything and that was dumb. I wish I’d kept a pair of the gloves and I wish I’d kept a pair of boots.”

For Anne’s latest film, comedy Colossal, the 34-year-old shot her scenes during the early stages of her pregnancy. She welcomed son Jonathan last March (16) with husband Adam Shulman, and concealed her growing bump on Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo’s set by knotting shirts around her waist.

While her stomach was easy enough to hide, Anne did have to switch-up the way she usually works because of her pregnancy.

“(Shooting while pregnant) was pretty awesome,” she grinned. “It was a relief because I was feeling, you know, pregnant in the first trimester way, then I snapped out of it four days before we started filming.

“The night shoots were hard for me. Usually the way I approach my character, I like to get pretty extreme physically and I couldn’t do that on this one, so it was just an adjustment.”

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