10 Movies That Made Audiences Physically Ill

Some movies just aren’t that easy to watch; there are even movies that made audiences physically ill. Horror might come to mind when thinking about this. But you’d be surprised by which movies have made audiences physically ill to the point that they had to be rushed to the hospital. So which films have found to be very sickening? You should prepare yourself before watching these ten movies. This is not for those with weak stomachs.

1. The Exorcist

Tumblr/Warner Bros.

There are definitely some scenes that make this classic hard to watch. When it first came out Judy Klemsurd wrote in The New York Times, “It’s been reported that once inside the theater, a number of moviegoers vomited at the very graphic goings-on on screen. Others fainted, or left the theater, nauseous and trembling, before the film was half over. Several people had heart attacks, a guard told me. One woman even had a miscarriage, he said.”

2. Avatar

Tumblr/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

This movie is full of more action than gore, but that doesn’t mean audiences were safe. In fact a Taiwanese man died after experiencing his heart pressure rising and causing a stroke. “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms,” Dr. Peng Chin-chih told AFP.

3. V/H/S

totalfilm: First trailer lands for V/H/S: Viral: watch now MGK is in this movie…Tumblr

The horror film showed criminals watching multiple VHS tapes of recorded paranormal activity. When it premiered at Sundance Film Festival two people who were watching the movie had to be treated by paramedics. According to Daily Mailone of them collapsed and started having seizures while another began vomiting.

4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

wholocktheories: my life Tumblr/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Higher prices isn’t the only negative side effect of 3-D movies. Fans were pretty nauseated by this installment thanks to cinematographers using 48 frames per second to shoot the film instead of the normal rate of 24. “I left loving the movie but feeling sick,” an audience member told The Guardian. “My eyes cannot take everything in, it’s dizzying. Now I have a migraine.”

5. Cloverfield

Cloverfield / 2008 / Dir. Matt ReevesTumblr

The monster attack movie has some gore, but most of the audiences had a problem with how it was shot. The style of the movie was supposed to look like it was shot on a handheld camera so it shakes. It didn’t go unnoticed and many audiences became ill. “This is a classic case of vertigo,” Dr. Michael G. Stewart, chairman of otorhinolaryngology told CNN when they were covering the phenomenon. “You can look around and feel like things are moving, when they aren’t.”

6. 127 Hours

Tumblr/Everest Entertainment

James Franco plays a climber who goes on a hike then his arm gets trapped. In order to escape he has to get cut off his arm. Although audiences knew where the story was going before going in, they felt sick when the moment came. One audience member blacked out and started convulsing so an ambulance was called, according to Herald Sun. Many others reportedly felt ill and even threw up.

7. Snowtown/The Snowtown Murders

Tumblr/Screen Australia

The Australian movie brought the true events of a series of murders and torture to the big screen. However many audiences just couldn’t take it and about 20 people were leaving during the movie a week. According to Newsone woman fainted and needed an ambulance.

8. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

mundane-rph: The Cullen Tribe vs. The Volturi EFSANEDİR,TARTIŞILMAZ Tumblr/Summit Entertainment

You would think that the romance vampire series would be pretty tame. Well the birthing scene really took things up a notch and people started getting seizures. According to ABC News, the flashing red, white, and black lights during the scenes triggered people with epilepsy. The paramedics had to be called for one viewer who began convulsing and had a hard time breathing.

9. The Passion of the Christ

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This is another movie that pushed people’s excitement way too far. A Brazilian pastor died during a screening of the movie from a heart attack, according to BBC News.  He wasn’t the only one. A woman in America passed out while watching the film and later died in the hospital from a heart attack.

10. Prometheus

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The sci-fi movie has a few freaky scenes, but the one that really pushed people to the limit was when Elizabeth Shaw was getting surgery. One viewer wrote about how he passed out from watching it. “As I came to, I awoke with tingling arms and legs and blurry vision, as my girlfriend was yelling at me and almost crying and on the screen there was what I think was a bunch of guys shooting guns.” After going to a doctor it was found that it was a reflexive epileptic fit.