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BloodRayne Review

Based on the video game of the same name we meet Rayne (Kristanna Loken) a 18th century dhampir–or half vampire half human–who has been held captive most of her life in a circus freak show. One night she escapes to wreak havoc on those who have enslaved her. Although Rayne is seemingly dangerous to everyone around her there is only one man she really wants dead: her father Kagen (Ben Kingsley) the most powerful vampire in the land who raped and killed her mother in front of her own eyes. While enlisting the help of Vladimir (Michael Madsen) and Sebastian (Matthew Davis)–vampire hunters who have been hunting Kagen their whole lives–Rayne will have her vengeance. The acting isn’t exactly Bloodrayne’s strength. Loken (Terminator 3) and the rest just go through the motions having to spout such trite dialogue. Michelle Rodriguez (TV’s Lost) also joins the cast as a fellow vampire hunter and has a difficult time trying to nail an British accent. Oh and thrown in for good measure is a random semi-pornographic love scene between Rayne and Sebastian. It’s nicely done but entirely unnecessary. Only Kingsley stands out playing a villain of few words who conveys his malevolence with just one look. Too bad he is wasting his talents on such crap. Director Uwe Boll (House of the Dead) may want to take a stab at something other that horror his next time up to bat. With a dark dreary backdrop big 18th century castles and an excessive amount of thunder and lightening this is just another cliché vampire movie. There is no finesse. In fact the fight scenes look as if they were being done by a high school drama department. And in case you forgot the film reminds you over and over and over again that if you slit someone’s throat blood comes spraying out. Perhaps the title should have been Rain Blood. This is one video game that should have just stayed in the Xbox.

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