A Brief History of Brad Pitt Getting Punched in the Face

Brad Pitt, Burn After ReadingFocus Features via Everett Collection

Notoriously creepy Ukrainian film “journalist” Vitalii Sediuk took a swing at Brad Pitt the red carpet premiere of Maleficent last night. If that name sounds familiar, it should: Sediuk has been playing a unsettling game of one-upsmanship with himself over the years, creating increasingly odd and unnerving run-ins with celebrities. Two years ago, the man attempted to kiss Will Smith at the Russian premiere of Men in Black 3, to which Smith reacted with a slap. Then, this month, Sediuk thought it was a good idea to actually crawl inside America Ferrera’s dress at the Cannes Film Festival like he was subletting the place. Now this guy, who mysteriously evaded criminal charges after outright sexual assault, straight up punches none other than Brad Pitt in the face. Luckily, Pitt knows how to take a hit. From trading jabs with Edward Norton in Fight Club, to getting slogged by  John Malkovich in Burn After Reading, there’s a rich history of Brad Pitt getting clobbered on film. Here’s a collection of Brad Pitt getting punched in the face… but these are movies, so it’s okay:

Fight Club

Really, Norton? Who hits someone in the ear?


I guess everyone got tired of trying to figure out what the hell he was saying.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Just another date night in the Brangelina household.

Burn After Reading

Truth be told, Pitt’s foul-mouthed character is so stupid in this movie, the whole audience was ready to punch him.

The Mexican

Pitt’s character should have been punched a second time for thinking “El Trucko” was the correct translation for truck.

Spy Game

Pitt takes a break from galavanting with Robert Redford for some torture via fist.


Finally, Pitt gets “punched” by a spear in Troy. That definitely counts, right?